3D Video Processing and Transmission Fundamentals by Chaminda Hewage

3d-video-processing3D video provides us the sensation of depth by adding a depth dimension to already existing 2D video. This provides the users, improved quality of experience (QoE), natural viewing conditions and a supportive platform for human interaction. On the other hand, 3D video in medical applications (e.g., robotic surgery, minimal invasive surgery(MIS)) could improve the diagnosis and accuracy of surgical procedures. In this book the readers will learn about Stereo vision, 3D video capture and scene representations, Different 3D video representations, Stereoscopic video and capture technologies, 3D image warping, Stereoscopic 3D video compression, 2D video coding.


Scalable video coding, 3D video coding, Stereoscopic video coding, Performance analysis of different encoding approaches for color plus depth based 3D video and comparison of left and right view encoding vs color plus depth map video encoding, The transmission aspects of 3D video, 3D video display technologies, Quality evaluation of 3D video, Real-time 3D video quality evaluation strategies, Challenges for real-time 3D video quality evaluation, Areas for future research and much more.

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