A Practical Introduction to 3D Game Development by Yasser Jaffal

practical-intro-3d-gameThis book is a practical introduction to programming 2D and 3D games, techniques used in programming these games, and how to benefit from these techniques. It illustrates a large number of mechanics used in video games and shows by example how to program these mechanics and combine them to achieve the desired behavior. It illustrates also how to put the player into control and deal with interactions between player and various game elements. The book focuses on programming as one of the important fields regarding video game development. However, game development is a huge world with tons of arts and skills to learn. The book has also exercises that allow you to evaluate your understanding of the covered topics.


In this book the readers will read Basics of scene construction, Basic shapes and their properties, Relations between game objects, Rendering properties, Light types and properties, Camera, Controlling objects properties, Reading keyboard input, Implementing plat former input system, Person shooter input system, Implementing third person input system, Implementing car racing games input system, implementing flight simulation input system, Basic game logic, Shooting, Collectables, Holding and releasing objects, Triggers and usable objects, Physics simulation, Gravity and collision detection, Physical vehicles, Physical player character, Ray cast shooting, Physics projectiles, Explosions and destruction, Breakable objects, Advanced game logic, Doors, locks, and keys, Puzzles and unlock combinations, Health, lives, and score, Weapons, ammunition, reload and much more in this book.

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