Access 2010 Part 2 by Stephen Moffat – The Mouse Training Company

access-2010-part2In this book readers will learn much more about the usage of tables, including how to build them from scratch. You now should be familiar with the views and the terminology within Access. We should have our database all planned out. You should be very familiar with the components of tables by now. We know a table is made up of several records each containing fields with data. Access also makes it easy to build and modify any component of a table using Design view, which we will cover later in this book. When designing a database, it is critical that you take the time to design your database carefully. Although it is not a difficult job to make some adjustments to a field, adding or removing fields in a large established database can be a real headache. It is important to communicate with everyone who will be using the database to make sure that everyone has the information they will need. Don’t be afraid to build a database a little bigger than you think it needs to be; if you end up with unused fields they are much easier to take out than to put new fields in.


In this book the readers will read Creating Tables, Primary key, Format Data and appearance (Design View), Relationships, Controlling Data Entry in a Table, Creating A Lookup field, Enter data in a Table, Formatting A Table in Datasheet view, Working with records, Sorting and Finding Data in a table, Filtering data in a table, Using advanced filter options, Changing field data types, Creating queries, Basic query use, Filtering a Query, Select queries and criteria, Using multiple tables in queries, Building queries on queries, Parameter queries, Crosstab query, Action queries and much more.

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