Access 2010 Part 3 by Stephen Moffat – The Mouse Training Company

access-2010-part3In this book readers will learn about Forms and Reports of Access. You should now know how to enter data into a table, create different types of database objects, use templates, and get the tables of data to look the way you want. You will also learn more about the other major types of database objects like forms, reports, and queries. Simply put, a form is an easy way to input data into a database. It contains fields that let you type the information for each field in, it can have an input mask which will make the field look like an empty phone number field, and it can contain required field that you must enter in order for the database entry to be valid. Creating forms, Create form alternatives.


Touring design view to modify your form, Build form in design view, Bind form to data source, Basic field controls, Formatting controls, Form Types, Layout view, Modal and Pop-up Forms, Advanced features for form and controls, Formatting your forms, Working with reports, Common report tasks, Header and footer options, Create report in design view, Sub reports, Formatting reports and much more.

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