Achi nazar ainak ke baghair by Harry Benjamin

achi-nazar-ainak-baghairAchi nazar ainak ke baghair is the Urdu translation of the Better sight without glasses written by Harry Benjamin. The complete system of self-treatment for eye troubles which enabled the author to discard the strongest glasses possible to prescribe. The author state that many cases of eye trouble have been cleared up by means of the fasting cure only and this I can bear out entirely. After a fairly long fast, many of those people who have been in the habit of wearing eye-glasses have either been able to dispense with them altogether, or have had to have them changed for less strong ones. The complete system of treatment outlined so ably in this book by Mr. Benjamin, will enable very many people to overcome most difficult and obstinate cases of eye trouble, provided patience and perseverance are devoted to the task.


In this book the readers will read Aankh kaise kam karti hai, Ainak ke nuqsaanat, Zaaf-e-basarat ke asbaab, Zaaf-e-basarat ka elaj, Aaraam main madad daine wale tareqe, Basarat main madad dene wale awamil, Aankhon ke pathon ki warzishain, Khorak ki afadiyyat, Elaj ke tareqon par kaise amal kia jaye, Mukhtalif marezon ke ahwaal, Zaafe basarat main deegar jismani bemarion ka amal dakhal, Motia band ka elaj, Aashob-e-chesham, Sabz Motia, Sozish qazhia aor sozish qarnia and much more in this book.

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