Adla-e-Kamila by Hazrat Molana Mahmood Hassan Sahib

Adla-e-KamilaAdla-e-Kamila is an Urdu book written by Hazrat Molana Mahmood Hassan Sahib. In this book the writer described many topics in the light of Quran and Sunnah. In this book the readers will find authentic answers of ten questions of nonconformist. The writer wrote in detail about (Nimaz) Pray, that how to perform it and what is the principle to Pray according to Sunnah.

The writer also described about Marriage in Islam (Nikah), Dower, Divorce and the essentials and with whom to do Nikah, what is Nikah. The writer also wrote about adultery, that what is adultery and described the punishments for adulterer in Islam.


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