An Introduction to Matlab by Krister Ahlersten

an-introduction-matlabIn many professions, you need programming skills. This book introduces you to a program called Matlab, which is one of the most popular choices for quantitative analysis in fields such as engineering, statistics, economics/finance, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. It will give you the tools to get started whether you are a student, a researcher, or a practitioner. This is a beginner’s book and it does not assume that you have any previous knowledge of programming. Basic concepts are described at length and, particularly in the beginning. The author explains step-by-step how to start using the program. However, author does assume that you have Matlab installed and that you have at least an average level of general computer experience. Having used Excel, or some other spreadsheet program, is of some help in learning Matlab. Knowledge of statistical software, such as Stata, SAS, or EViews, is also beneficial, although Matlab is not a statistics program. In this book the readers will learn Introduction to Matlab, Preliminaries and map of the book, Features of Matlab, The Desktop, Some basics of using Matlab, the order of precedence, Some algebraic functions, special characters, and tips, The syntax of functions, Variables, Different types of variables, A note on interpretation and error messages, How Matlab “searches for meaning”, Matrices, vectors and scalars, Creating matrices, Addressing parts of matrices, Changing parts of a matrix, Some special commands for handling matrices, The workspace browser and the Variable Editor, More about matrices.


Mathematical operations with matrices, Functions that operate element by element, Elementary mathematical functions that operate column wise, Matrix algebra, Solving systems of linear equations, Finding linear regression coefficients, Importing and exporting data, The current folder, Problems with importing formatted data, Preparing data to import, Copy and paste importing, Importing using the import wizard, Importing using commands, Exporting to Excel files with commands, More about importing and exporting data, Graphics, Useful commands for two-dimensional plotting, Time series plotting, Plotting a function, Several graphs in one window and other types of graphs, Other two-dimensional graphs, Plotting tools, More about graphics, Programming in Matlab, Scripts, The Editor, Writing a script, The search path, User interaction with the script, User defined functions, About the differences between scripts and user defines functions, More about functions, Flow control, Loops, Relational and logical operators, Conditional statements, More about flow control, Numerical analysis and curve fitting, Solving equations, Finding a function minimum point, Numerical integration, Curve fitting, More about numerical analysis, Debugging, The code Analyzer, Executing part of the code with F9, Using breakpoints, Checking programs for correct input, Use comments, Help, To find specific information on functions, To find general information, Online documentation from MathWorks and much more.

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