Better Sight without Glasses by Harry Benjamin

better-sight-without-glasseA complete system of self-treatment for eye troubles which enabled the author to discard the strongest glasses possible to prescribe. It is with a feeling of deep appreciation that the author acknowledges the personal benefit received from putting into effect the principles underlying the Bates Method, as outlined in the book “Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Dr. W.H. Bates, of New York. Defective vision is more prevalent today than at any time before; a state of affairs which has been brought about chiefly by the increasing dependence upon artificial lighting and the widespread habits of television watching. And, since the situation is likely to get worse rather than improve, it is reasonable to assume that the incidence of defective vision will contrinue to increase with progressively greater rapidity. The answer to this problem has been the provision of spectacles, but this artificial remedy does not succeed in checking this ever-growing menace to the nation’s health since such a solution is merely palliative.
Indeed, no one expects to cure defective vision by the aid of spectacles – the most they can be said to do is to enable the sufferer to get about with as little discomfort as possible.

Many people will agree that these aids to vision are disfiguring and unbeautiful in themselves; there is always the danger of their breaking and causing injury to the wearer; they prevent many people from participating in athletics and social pastimes generally. In this book the readers will read How the eye works, Why spectacles are harmful, Causes of defective vision, Treatment of defective vision, Aids to relaxation, Aids to vision, Eye muscle and neck exercises, Diet, How to carry out the treatment, Cause of eye diseases, Treatment of cataract, Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, Iritis, keratitis, Ulcers and much more.


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