Business Information Management Exercises 1st edition by Dr. Vladlena Benson – Kate Davis

business-info-man-exersEach chapter of this book provides a comprehensive coverage of relevant theory concepts followed by review questions, case studies and worked examples. Many practical examples are included to illustrate the data analysis concepts. These exercises should help students acquire hands on skills, prepare for assessment and solve types of problems encountered in employment. The book is supported by a downloadable versions of the database files used in this book and Solutions for instructors. Starting with a general introduction to information management the text takes the reader through the essential concepts of data analysis in Microsoft Access 2007. It presents an overview of the relational data model and data management using SQL. The data analysis chapters start with the preliminary concepts of database organization and a gentle introduction to basic SQL. Further chapters introduce more advanced concepts of built-in functions, joining information from several tables and nested queries.


The authors conclude with an overview of information security issues which represent significant challenges to businesses today. In this book the readers will read Introduction to Information Management, Answers to the Review Questions, Case Study: Walmart Harnesses RFID Technology to Improve Efficiency, Relational Data Model and SQL, Solutions to Exercises, Data Definition in SQL, Solutions to Exercise – DDL and DML activities, Advanced Selection Queries, Solutions to Exercises – Order As and Selection, Joining Tables, Solutions to Exercises – Join, Selection and Projection, Functions, Aggregate and Group-set Functions, Information Security Management, Suggested Discussion Points for Exercise, External Resources and Links and much more.

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