Dam Kabab (Steam Kabab)


  • Pasanday 1 kg
  • Oil as per requirements
  • Almond 6 heads
  • Poppy Seeds 1 tablespoonful
  • Green Chili & Mint as per need
  • White Cumin Seeds (Safed Jeera) 1 teaspoonful
  • Cucumber a piece of 2 inch
  • Spices Mixture 2 teaspoonful
  • Red Chili 1 teaspoonful

Preparation Method

  • Wash pasanday, smear the salt and put them aside for two hours.
  • Roast white cumin seeds, poppy seeds, a piece of coconut, and almonds, and then finely grind all these items.
  • Mix spices mixture, red chili and add this into already ground ingredients.
  • Smear this mixture on to pasanday.
  • Give a little touch of oil on both sides of pasanday.
  • Put them into oven for 15-20 minutes.
  • Take them out of oven and garnish with finely cut green chili and mint.
  • Your Dam/steam kebab is ready to taste.



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