Diabetes – Ziabetus

diabetes-kia-haiThis book is a collection of materials developed by the Nutrition Education for New American project of the Department of Anthropology and Geography at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Geogia funded by the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Consumer Service for Food Stamp Program families. This is an English book with translation of Urdu. In this book the readers will find information of Diabetes that what is diabetes? How is diabetes managed? How can I control my diabetes? Eat healthy, Eat from all the food groups, Grains, beans and starchy vegetables, How many starches/carbohydrates do I need each day? What do starches and carbohydrates do for my body? How much is one serving of starch/carbohydrate? How much is a serving of vegetables? How many servings of fruit do I need? What is a serving of fruit? How should I eat fruit?


Milk and Yogurt foods, How many servings do I need each day? How much is a serving of milk and yogurt? How many protein foods do I need each day? How much is a serving of meat, poultry, fish, eggs and nuts? Helpul tips, How much is a serving of fats, oils and sweets? Ziabetus kia hai? Ziabetus ki dekh bhaal kaise ki jati hai? Main apne ziabetus par kaise qaboo pa sakta hoon? Main sehatmang ghiza kaise kha sakta hoon? Daane, phalyaan aor nashasta daar sabzian kia hain? Mujhe rozana kitni nashasta daar/carbohydrate wali ghizaon ki zarorat hai? Sabzion ki serving kitni hoti hai? Mujhe phal ki kitni serving ki zarorat hai? Phal ki serving kia hai? Doodh aor dahe se bani hoyi ghizayain kon si hain? Doodh aor dahe ki serving kitni hoti hai? Goasht, murgh, anda, machhli aor giri daar mewown ki serving kitni hoti hai? Chiknaye daar ghizaon, thailon aor mithaeon ki serving kitni hoti hai? and much more in this book.

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