Digital Image Processing Part 2 by Huiyu Zhou, Jiahua Wu & Jianguo Zhang

digital-img-p2In this Part of Digital Image Processing the author described about Color Image Processing. Color image processing is divided into two main areas: full color and pseudo-color processing. In the former group, the images are normally acquired with a full color sensor such as a CCTV camera. In the second group, a color is assigned to a specific monochrome intensity or combination of intensities. People perceive colors that actually correspond to the nature of the light reflected from the object. The electromagnetic spectrum of the chromatic light falls in the range of 400–700 nm. There are three quantities that are used to describe the quality of a chromatic light source: radiance, luminance and brightness.


In this book the readers will read Color image processing, Color fundamentals, Color space, Smoothing and sharpening, Image segmentation, Color image compression, Morphological image processing, Mathematical morphology, Dilation and Erosion, Opening and closing, Hit-or-miss, Thinning and thicken, Skeleton, Pruning, Morphological reconstruction, References and further reading, Image segmentation, Image pre-processing – correcting image defects, Thresholding, Line and edge detection, Segmentation using morphological watersheds, Region-based segmentation, Texture-based segmentation, Segmentation by active contour, Object-oriented image segmentation, Color image segmentation and much more.

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