Dirty Dealing 3rd Edition by Peter Lilley

Dirty-DealingThe untold truth about global money laundering, International crime and terrorism. In this edition the readers will read the nth largest global business activity, The nearest thing to alchemy, Lost in the wash – the business of money laundering, Complete anonymity, Washed in space – cyber laundering in the 21st century, Terror Finance Inc, Whiter than white – the official response, Coming clean – preventative strategies for business, The final spin and much more. The author of this book says: When I was asked to revise Dirty Dealing for a third edition I approached the original text – first written in 1999/2000 and then revised in 2003 with some trepidation. Not because of a fear of what I had originally written but because I was not at all sure what would need to be revised and how any revisions could be achieved. In the end, I have let much of the original text stand, with relevant amendments and updates.


I have also added a significant amount of new material, most principally Chapter 7 on terrorist financing. I do not make the grandiose claim that this book provides a history of money laundering; but I think it does give a valid snapshot of what has happened since the late 1990s. In the original 2000 edition of Dirty Dealing, terrorist financing merited a few mentions in passing. By the 2003 edition – written in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 – a new chapter on the subject was added to the book. When I reviewed this 2003 chapter as part of the preparation for this edition I quickly realized that my views had shifted, and that I needed to produce a completely new chapter. If this new chapter is more somber than others in this book, this is because I think that the issue of terrorist financing (and terrorism as a whole) is one of the most disturbing problems of the twenty-first century.

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