Dulhan Makeup sekhe

dulhan-makeupThis is an Urdu book for ladies about how to learn makeup as a professional in home for bride. From this book ladies will learn the method of makeup, how to safe the stuffs of makeup, foundation for makeup, urgent makeup, uses of jewelery, the method for drying your hair, the uses of hair brush, treatment for black skin color, problems of pimples, Makeup keleye foundation, makeup ke saman ki hifazat, makeup karne ka tareqa, ghalat makeup, zewarat ka istemal, balon ko khushk karne ka tareqa, hair brush ka istemal, kaali rangat ka elaj, keel mahason ka mas’ala, hayateen ke chund fawaid.


Foundation is the basic of Makeup. We have to start makeup from foundation. It is a big step. Always choose foundation according to your skin colour. Makeup keleye foundation bunyadi juz hai. Makeup ki ibteda isi se hoti hai. Foundation aik bara marhala hai. Hamesha apni jild ki rangat ke hisab se foundation apne leye munthakhib karain. Sab se pehle tu ye dekhna hoga keh apki jild ki rangat kaisi hai. to read the details, download the book.

To download this book, please click the link below:
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