Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson's-essaysThis is a project Gutenberg EBook of essays authored by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This series of books will include in complete editions those masterpieces of English Literature that are best adapted for the use of schools and colleges. The editors of the several volumes will be chosen for their special qualifications in connection with the texts to be issued under their individual supervision, but familiarity with the practical needs of the classroom, no less than sound scholarship, will characterize the editing of every book in the series. In connection with each text, a critical and historical introduction, including a sketch of the life of the author and his relation to the thought of his time, critical opinions of the work in questions chosen from the great body of English criticism, and where possible, a portrait of the author, will be given. Ample explanatory note of such passages in the text as call for special attention will be supplied, but irrelevant annotation and explanations of the obvious will be rigidly excluded.


In this book the readers will read Introduction life of Emerson critical opinions chronological list of principal works. The American Scholar, Compensation, Self Reliance, Friendship, Heroism, Manners, Gifts, Nature, Shakespeare; OR The Poet, Prudence, Circles and much more.

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