English for English Speakers Beginner

English for English Speakers is an English learning book for beginners to be able to greet others and introduce themselves. The author focused on Pronoun and words of greeting and introduction to get speaking and listening skills. The readers will read Introductions, to be able to greet others and introduce themselves, Numbers and letters to take down personal details correctly, Telephoning to make basic telephone contact, leave and understand messages, identify answerphone and automated messages, Taking a taxi to feel confident using taxis,


correctly identify money, understand key airport signage, Food and drink to enable students to order a light meal and a drink in a pub or café. After reading this book the beginners will easily learn to speak and understand English. Before you call your out there conversation partners. Read the task carefully in this book, do you understand it, if you do not, read it again, Are you ready to call your partners, Call and introduce yourself. Remember you can record your conversations and listen to them again.

To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to Download English for English Speakers Beginner

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