Excel 2003 Introduction by Stephen Moffat, The Mouse Training Company

excel-2003-intro-1The author of this book has described about Excel 2003, an easy way for learning.  This book contain on two parts. The readers will find many commands, tips and information in this book. The readers will also learn how to understand and use common windows elements, Launch Excel, Understand the concept of a spreadsheet, Recognize Excel screen elements, Work with Toolbars, Use menus. Excel is an application that runs under the windows graphical user interface. When launched, Excel sits in its own window, the grey box that surrounds the application elements. The window can be moves, size, closed, minimized and maximized using features common to the windows environment; these are listed in this book.

The readers will read The basics, Windows concepts, The spreadsheet concept, The Excel screen layout, Use Toolbars, Use menus, Getting help, Move around and enter information, Moving, Data Entry, Editing, Select information, Clear cells, Formulae and functions, Absolute and relative references, File operations, Moving and copying data, Formatting toolbar, Names, Working with multiple sheets, Activate group mode, Printing, Manipulating large worksheets, Split screen, Sorting and subtotaling data, Lists, Customization, Customizing Excel, Set options and much more in this book.


To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to download Excel 2003 Introduction Part 1

Click here to download Excel 2003 Introduction Part 2

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