Excel 2007 Advanced Part 2 by Stephen Moffat, The Mouse Training Company

excel-2007-adv2This book has detailed information about Excel 2007. The author of the book wrote advanced commands and tips for learners and students in this book. The readers will read Introduction to Charting, Formatting charts, Create embedded charts, separate page charts, Change chart types and formats, Add and remove chart data, Add trend lines to charts, Create picture charts, Introduction to Templates, Use the standard Excel templates, Create custom templates, Open and edit templates, Set template properties, Auditing Features, Formatting cells, Themes, You can quickly and easily format an entire document to give it a professional and modern look by applying a document theme (A set of unified design elements that provides a look for your document by using color, fonts and graphics.

A document theme is a set of formatting choices that include a set of theme colors, a set of theme fonts, including heading and boy text fonts, and a set of theme effects, including line and fill effects. Excel provides several predefined document themes, buy you can also create your own by customizing an existing document theme, and then by saving it as a custom document theme. Document themes are shared across Office programs so that all of your office documents can have the same, uniform look. Inserting, Formatting and Deleting objects, Proofing Tools. Inserting pictures, text boxes, callouts, scanned images etc onto a worksheet can greatly enhance your overall spreadsheet appearance. The subject of dealing with these objects will be looked at more thoroughly in Power point as that application deals primarily with inserted objects and how to deal with them as word works primarily with text and excel with figures, however here is a brief rundown of some items you may insert and how to deal with them.


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