Exercises on Relational Database Theory 2nd edition by Hugh Darwen

exercise-relational-databasWith two exceptions, these exercises are copies of those given at the ends of Chapters 1-7 in An Introduction to Relational Database Theory. The exercises using Rel given with some of those chapters are also included. The first exception is Exercise 7 for Chapter 7, which the author has replaced by a precise, detailed specification for a comprehensive database design. The second is a set of additional exercises using Rel, exploring virtual relvars and user-defined type definitions. In this second edition the only changes are to use the syntax for Version 2 of Tutorial D, now supported by Rel, and to correct a number of errors in the first edition (including some particularly bad ones in Section 1.4, Exercise 2).

In this book the readers will read Exercise for Chapter 1, Introduction, Exercise for chapter 2, Values, Types, Variables, Operators, Exercises for chapter 3, Predicates and Propositions, Exercises for chapter 4, Relational Algebra – The Foundation, Exercises for chapter 5, Building on the foundation, Exercises for chapter 6, Constraints and updating, Exercises for chapter 7, Database design1 : Projection-join normalization, Additional exercises using Rel, Solutions for all exercises and much more.


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