Family Doctor by Doctor Abrar Ahmad

family-doctorFamily Doctor is an Urdu health book written by Doctor Abrar Ahmad. In this book the author wrote information about different diseases and told the causes. This book has information about men and women specific diseases, heart diseases, blood diseases, digestive system, Respiratory, Central nervous system, Diseases of eyes, nose, ear and throat, Glands, bones, joints and muscles diseases, Skin, Kidney and bladder diseases, Nuritional diseases, Cancer and allergy, Diseases symptoms. In this book readers will read Bemari kyon lagti hai, Nizam-e-inhezaam ki bemarian.


Nizam-e-tanaffus ki bemarian, Dil ki bemarian, Khoon ki naalion ki bemrian, Khoon ki bemarian, Markazi aasaabi nizam ki bemarian, Ankhon ki bemarian, Naak, kaan, galey ki bemarian, Androni ghododon ki bemarian, Hadyon, joron aor patthon ki bemarian, Gurdon aor masaaney ki bemarian, Amraz-e-makhsoosa mardana, Aoraton ki bemarian, Jild ke amraz, Ghizaye amraz, Cancer ya sarthan, Bemarion ki alamaat and much more.

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