Four Illustrious Imams by Molana Maqbool Ahmad Suharwi

Four Illustrious Imams is an English Islamic book written Molana Maqbool Ahmad Suharwi translated by Mufti Afzal Hussain Elias.In this book the author wrote about the four Imams. The readers will read Imam Abu Hanifa, What does Abu Hanifa mean, His acquaintance with knowledge, Imam sahib was a Taabe’e – A person who saw the Sahabah RaziAllaho Anhom, Respect for ustaads, Owner of a flourishing business, Imam sahib was very merciful, Respect for his mother, Piety and abstinence, A unique question, The students of Imam Sahib, Imam Abu Hanifa’s advice and guidance which is beneficial to all students, Status of Imam Azam Abu Hanifa Nu’man Bin Thabit,  Imam Sahib being a Tabe’e, The tutors and students of Imam Sahib, His status in knowledge of Ahadith, The status of Imam Abu Hanifa in Fiqh (Jurisprudence), The understanding and insight of Imam Sahib, The Ibadaat and fear of Allah of Imam Sahib, His devotion, Righteousness and Piety, The habits of Imam Abu Hanifa and his night and day, Imam Malik Bin Anas, Sahabaah and Hadith, How did they obtain Hadith, Hadith-e-Qoli and Faeli, Narration of Hadith and the status of the Narrators, Respect for Hadith,


The family of Imam Malik and his birthplace, As a student of Nafe, Nafe’s Ustaad Hazrat Ayesha RaziAllaho Anha, Understanding and Prudence, The other ustaad(teachers) of Imam Malik, Imam Zahri, Abu Haazim, Imam Malik had seventy five ustaads(teachers), Imam Malik had a powerful memory, Haroon-ur-Rasheed in the service of Imam Sahib, An incident regarding the Sheikh-ul-Hadith of Deoband Molana Anwar Shah Kashmiri, The spreading of Imam Malik’s Munificence, Method of narrating Hadith, Imam Muhammad Bin Idris Shaafi, The research method of Hazrat Umar RaziAllaho Anho, Hazrat Abu Hurairah RaziAllaho Anho narrated many Ahadith, The family of Hazrat Imam Shafi, Eudcation, became Hafiz at the age of seven, Dreaming about Rasulullah Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam, The courage of Imam Shafi difficult Era, Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal, People are misled by three things, What is the correct belief, The extent of this misconception, Conformation with the Khalifa in his court, The status of Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal and his family, Acquisition of knowledge, Steadfastness when in the Pangs of Hunger, Imam Ahmad saw Allah in a dream, An Allegation of Conspiring and much more.

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