Fresh Juice Recipes – Mashrobaat

fresh-juices-recipesFresh Juice Recipes – Mashrobaat is an Urdu book about different juices and drinks from different fruits and food for better health and relief from diseases. In this book readers will find different juices and drinks recipes for summer and winter season to be healthy. In this book many types of drinks recipes are available with benefits, as three flavours drink, Juice for removing acidic, Almon and fig drink/syrup, Juice/syrup for increasing sexual potency, Apricot and cardamom syrup etc. The readers will read Jawani ka sarchishma, Theen zayeqon wala sharbat, Thezabiyat zayel karne wala sharbat, Tezi aor phurti ka haamil ajmood ka sharbat, Baadam o injeer ka sharbat, Jinsi quwwat barhane wala mashroob, Khobani aor ilaechi ka sharbat, jao ka jadoo, Burhapa bhagane wala mashroob, Hadyon ka taqat bakhsh sharbat.

Bacho ka manpasand sharbat, Khoon ki gardish barhane wala sharbat, Ziabetus ka elaj, Khas mazedar sharbat, Nahar mooh ka sharbat, Taqat bakhsh sharbat, Sham ka mashroob, Saans main taazgi laeye, Sehat afza sharbat, Shehed aor podene ka mazedaar mashroob, Defae nizam ko mazbooth banana wala sharbat, Defae quwwat barhane wala mashroob, Zukam se bachain, Mutapa bhagane wala sharbat, Quwwat-e-Hayat Afrain, Santara aor lemon and much more in this book.


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