Google Beyond google by  Varinder Taprial and Priya Kanwar

google-beyon-googleBack in 1996, two students at the Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, built a search engine for web pages that they named Backrub. Backrub used the quality and the quantity of the links pointing towards a page to decide on the importance and the relevance of that specific page. By 1998, they had formalised their work and Google was born. Google Search turned out to be a remarkable success and even today Google Search has more than 60% of the market share. Such was the popularity and dominance of the Google Search engine that people started using google as a verb. The American Dialect Society declared it the most useful word of 2002. In 2006, the word was officially included in the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam Webster Collegiate dictionary. The verb google means, “to use the Google Search Engine to obtain information on the World Wide Web.” Google has grown much bigger today. It is a multi-billion dollar company that has dozens of products and services in various languages, but for most people Google is a just a basic search engine, albeit a good one. As a result, they do not even explore the other product offerings from Google. It seems strange because most of these products are free. The title of the book, Google Beyond google recognizes this fact and the purpose of this book is to make the reader aware of and introduce the free web applications, besides the basic search, on offer from Google and how they can benefit the regular user. The applications will be introduced as separate chapters and their essential features will be discussed.

The authors wrote Google has dozens of products on offer and we cannot cover all of them in this book and hence some of the more common Google products like Blogger, Chrome, Gmail, Apps etc. which are better known and have their own following have been excluded from the scope of this book. We have chosen some of the less known and infrequently used products, which (according to us) will not only enhance the regular user’s experience of the Internet but also empower him to exploit the web efficiently. In this book the readers will read The web of Google search, Customize your Google home page, Make search more effective using Search options, The Advanced search, Google search special features, Google Scholar, Google Desktop, Google Reader, Browse for stuff, Adding a Feed, Creating Google Alerts, About Google Maps, The search feature in maps, Getting directions, Embedding maps in Blog/website, About Google Places, Listing Your Business in Google Places, Google Translated Search, Translate Video, Email and Chat, Google Scholar, Advanced Scholar search, Google Scholar Library Links, Moving on the Cloud, iGoogle, Setting up iGoogle, Adding Gadgets, Editing the Gadgets, Adding Feeds, Google Calendar, Using the Google Calendar, Benefits of working with Google Docs, What you can do with Google Docs, Elements of Google Docs, Google Docs Viewer, Google Picasa, Installing Picasa, Organizing the photos, Editing photos, Sharing photos, Additional features, Picasa web albums, Privacy settings, Syncing to Web, Google Picnik, Social Networking, Google plus, What is different, The Basic Structure, Why use Google+ and much more.


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