Hajj and Umrah From A to Z by Muhammad Mamdouh Nourudhin

The author of the book wrote in addition to extensive observations of pilgrims during seasons of Hajj, a pilot study was conducted. It shows that more than two-thirds of those who performed Hajj rituals for the first time could not perfom them correctly. The representative sample showed that among the main reasons for making errors are the lack of correct knowledge, lack of well-designed books, and unfamiliarity with places and ritual terms. Thus, the once in a lifetime worship is highly vulnerable. That is, the majority of pilgrims cannot get it correctly the first time. This vital reason was adequate to motivate me to develop a book that is designed mainly to help them perform this important obligation is a step by step approach. That is why it is titled “Hajj and Umrah from A to Z. As an instructional designer, I had to study the problem carefully and make a need assessment in order to come up with a form that may better help Muslims get their rituals correctly. I had to go through an enormous number of books about Hajj and study them carefully. The result is an illustrated manual like book that includes charts, diagrams and photographs that will systematically guide any Muslim to achieve the Hjj without, God willing, making any error. Another purpose of this book is to alleviate the tension, anxiety and fear of some pilgrims who have preconceived ideas about the difficulties that will face them in performing Hajj. This book is intended to make all steps easy and smooth, and to handle most the errors before they occur, thus alleviating this anxiety by warning the pilgrims of what may happen long before it does. All a pilgrim needs is to read carefully and follow the steps very accurately and by the grace of Allah he/she will perform a smooth, correct Hajj. The methodology I followed in this book is to trace the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam as illustrated by the famous Hadith collected by Imam Muslim and other of “The Farewell Hajj of the Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam”.


By doing that I have kept this book far from the differences between the various schools of thought known as Madhahib.  I would also like to remind the reader that the book is designed to illustrate the Hajj Tamattu as it includes all the steps required in the other two types of Hajj. Qiran and Ifrad. I have also made a chart that illustrates the similarities and differences between the three types of Hajj and have titled it “quick reference.” The intended readers of this book include all English-speaking Muslims who are ready to perform Hajj regardless of age, education or gender. Thus the book is designed like a manual to help brothers and sister make the prescribed rituals correctly. In this book the readers will read Distances between Ritual places, The fruit of Hajj, The first sanctuary appointed for mankind, Hajj Rituals (Tamattu), Practical tips, The importance of Hajj, Valuable pieces of advice, Daytime temperatures and humidity, Makkah and Madinah, Things to remember, Hajj step by step (Tamattu), The types of Hajj, Before traveling, Reaching the Miqat, Starting Ihram, Going to Makkah, Making Tawaf, Making Sa’ee, Ending the state of Ihram, Starting Ihram of Hajj, Staying in Mina, Attending Arafah, Staying the Night in Muzdalifah, Throwing Pebbles at Jamrat al-Aqabah, Slaughtering a Sacrifice, Cutting hair, Making Tawaf (Ifadah), Making Sa’ee, Staying in Mina, Throwing Pebbles at the 3 Jamarat, Making Tawaf (Farewell), Back Home, Visiting Madinah, Visiting the Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam Mosque, Visiting Quba Mosque and much more.

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