How to do the Final Year Projects by Hossein Hassani

how-final-year-projectEvery year thousands and thousands of students who are studying Computer Science and Information technology have to do their final year projects, one way or another. Most of these students are thinking about the title, methodology, tools, and other related issues regarding their final year projects. However, some do not paying enough attention until it becomes too late and then they are struggling with the probable not so interesting consequences, such as late delivery, low quality standards, and sometimes walking around with confusion. Although the role of supervision is very important in the final year projects, however, because of the diversity in the supervisors’ background and the limitations of the times that they can dedicate to their students, it would be useful to provide students with a practical guideline that they can follow in order to make the mission possible. The book has 12 chapters, which explain the whole roadmap for accomplishing a final year project. In addition, three appendices have been provided to show samples of project plans, project diaries, and supervision meetings.


In this book the readers will read How to choose a project, Choosing a Topic from the Project List, Proposing your own topic, Choosing a Supervisor, Project planning, Refining the project plan, Controlling the project, Project Diary, Methodology, Software Development Methodology, A mixed-mode Approach, Requirements management, Requirement specification, Requirement types, Functional requirements, Requirement Prioritization, Use case modeling and user interface design, Use case template, User interface and use case, Use case granularity, More applications of use case, Database management systems, Relational vs. object oriented database, Data modeling, Database Design, Using stored-procedures and triggers, Implementation, Implementation tools and environment, Customization, Localization, Testing process, Test categories, Test case, Object oriented test, Validation and verification, Report writing, Report structure, Proofreading, Supporting Documents, Codes, Test documents, Project diary, Electronic documents, Presentation structure, Preparation, Rehearsal, Presenting and much more.

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