Hypnotism by Muhammad Javed Sheikh


hypnotismHypnotism is an Urdu book written by Muhammad Javed Sheikh. In this book the author wrote about utilities, training and treatment by hypnotism. This book contain on knowledge of Hypnoses, Theory of Bu Ali Seena, The founder of modern hypnotism, Franzation Mesmer Aspect, The Scientific base of Hypnotism, Definition and interpretation of Hypnotism, The difference between natural and hypnoses sleep, Degrees of Hypnoses, Light Hypnoses, Deep Hypnoses, Subconciousness condition, Hypno toxes, The basics for Hypnotism, Concentration, Consciousness, Unconscious, Learning and thinking act etc. In this book the readers will read Ilm Hypnotism, Nazria Bu Ali Seena, Jadeed Hypnotism ka baani, Lafz Hypnotism ki waja tasmia, Nazria Franzation Mesmer Aspect, Hypnotism ki sciency bunyad, Hypnotism ki tareef o tashreeh, Fitri aor tanweemi neend main farq, Hypnotism ke darje, Halka amal tanweem, Gehra amal tanweem, Behoshi ki halat.


Hypnotism keleye bunyadi batain, Yaksoye o tawajja, Shaoor, Lashaoor, Takhtash-shaoor, Hypnotism main ilm nafsiyat ki zarorat o ahmiyat, Tahleel nafsi, Seekhne aor sochne ka amal, Amal adraak, Zahanat, Maahol, Morosiyyat, Insani hawaas ki hypnotism main ahmiyyat, Auto suggestion – khud taskheeri, Post Hypnotic Suggestion, Majmooe hypnotism, Hypnotism ki taqatain, The powers of hypnotism, Aamil aor maamol ka taluq, Hypnotic maamool banaane main tarbiyyat ka ansar, Ilm taskheer ke fawaid, Hypnotist banne keleye apni shakhsiyyat ki taameer, Musakhar karne ke tareqe, Hypnotised methods and much more.

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