I Still Can’t Speak English by Jason West

I still Can’t Speak English is a book for learning how to speak English language easily. Make your own free social media English course and finally speak English comfortably. If you have studied English for some time, if you have taken lots of different classes, studied using lots of different course books, listened to lots of audio and still do not feel confident  when you speak English (but desperately want to0, this book is for you. If you use it properly it should be the last English course you ever need to use. To start building your own special English course now, just go straight to read this book. If you read this book and follow the instructions accurately and carefully you will start to become confortable speaking English. This is not just another marketing claim, it is a fact and we can prove it with “before and after” audio case studies. It is true because we all learn languages the same way and you just need to provide your brain with the right amount and type of information i.e. understandable and interesting language for it to begin to notice patterns that mean something to you.


To become an independent English learner you will also need to do a little bit of work but the more you do the more interesting and motivating it will become. The first three or four lessons are the hardest that is when you learn how to learn to speak English. In this book the readers will read Why do we talk? How we all learn to speak, The Psychology of speaking English, What stops you speaking, Learning how to speak (again), Method, Correction, Personalization, Transparency, Case study 1: Jane, Case Study 2: Liliana, Summary of case studies, What we think happens, How to plan your personalized English course, Your free technological tool kit, Meeting English speakers and building learning relationships, Getting going, Sample lessons, Course planners and much more.

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