Introduction to Cancer Biology by Momna Hejmadi

introduction-to-cancer-biolIntroduction to Cancer Biology is an English Book written by Momna Hejmadi about Cancer. Cancer can be defined as a disease in which a group of abnormal cells grow uncontrollably by disregarding the normal rules of cell division. Normal cells are constantly subject to signals that dictate whether the cell should divde, differentiate into another cell or die. In this book the author wrote How cancer arises, Defining Cancer, Cancer is clonal in origin, Insights into cancer, Causes of cancer (aetiology of cancer), Identification and histopathology of cancers.


The 6 hallmarks of cancer, Bibliography, Further reading, Immortality – Continuous cell division, Sustained growth signals (oncogenes), Bypass anti-growth signals (tumour Suppressor Genes), Avoidance of cell death (apoptosis), When does apoptosis occur? What triggers apoptosis? How does apoptosis occur? Ensuring blood vessel growth (angiogenesis), Spread to other sites (matastasis), What are the stages of metastasis? Key molecules involved in metastasis, Summary and some thoughts for the future.

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