Istikhara ka masnoon Tariqa by Hazrat Molana Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Istikhara-ka-masnoon-tariqaIstikhara ka masnoon Tariqa is an Urdu publication written by Hazrat Molana Muhammad Taqi Usmani. This is a very special book for Muslims and to understand that how to perform Istikhara. If a person is confused in a work to do it or not and the work will be good or bad for him/her, so he/she should perform Istikhara,


which is a consult from Allah, and After performing Istikhara the person will get good, if the work is not good for him/her, Allah will avert him/her from that work, and if the work is good for the person, Allah will make it beneficial for him/her. The author of this book wrote the exact method in this book that how to perform Istikhara as in Sunnah.

To download this book, please click the link below:
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