iWork – Numbers by Mark Wood

iwork-numbersNumbers is a spreadsheet application from Apple Inc. It is available for Mac OS and iOS. This book concentrates on the Mac version of Numbers rather than the iOS version which runs on both iPad and iPhone. Being spreadsheet software, Numbers, will feel familiar to users of AppleWorks or the ubiquitous Microsoft Excel. Numbers is easy to use and this guide will illustrate key features of the software including organizing data, managing lists, creating tables and charts. Numbers supports over 250 maths functions for performing complex calculations with relative ease. As might be expected from Apple, Numbers lets you create fabulous presentation material, with intelligent tables, customizable checkboxes, steppers, and sliders, and wonderful 2D and 3D charts. Not wanting to assume you have prior knowledge, this guide covers some spreadsheet essentials; working with data tables and calculations, how to use templates, and how to import, modify and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Numbers allows users to concentrate on tasks. The templates that are supplied with the application are themed into Personal Finance, Personal, Business and Education. Reviewing the themed templates reveals the broad range of tasks Numbers can support.


These include savings calculators, event planning, invoicing, expense reports, and even maths quizzes. In this book the readers will read Opening Numbers, Choosing the right template for the job, Exploring the personal finance templates, Overview of the Numbers Interface, The tool bar, Customizing the Tool Bar, The Format bar, The sheet Pane, Styles Pane, The inspector, Text and Graphics, The media browser, Adjusting images, Framing images, Working with sheets, Renaming and adding sheets, Organizing the sheet Pane, Working with tables, The anatomy of A Table, Formatting a table, Cell formats, Manually formatting cell, Navigating from cell to cell, series, Customized series data, Sorting data in a table, Organizing data with categories, Using checkboxes, steppers and sliders, Freezing header rows and columns, Importing data, Importing excel spreadsheets, Using address book cards, Calculations, Formula editor, Operators, Functions, Performing calculations with variables, Referencing multiple sheets and tables, Referencing data, relative and absolute references, Design formatting, Using table styles, Modifying and saving table styles, Print setup, Chats, Column and stacked column charts, Bar and stacked bar chats, Pie charts, Line charts, Area and stacked area charts, Scatter charts, Sharing work, Printing from Numbers, Exporting spreadsheets from Numbers, Publishing with iWeb and much more.

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