Java: Classes in Java Applications by David Etheridge

java-classes-applicationsIn this book Chapter One takes examples from the Java Application Programming Interface (API) and the themed application in order to emphasize the critical importance of documentation. The examples are used to show how documentation is organized in the API and how it is inserted into developer’s code. Previous chapters include a number of examples of classes (or partial classes) from the themed application, the main purpose of which is to illustrate programming concepts. It should not have escaped the notice of the reader that these examples often include material other than Java statements, usually in a non-bold font. In this book the readers will read Using the Java Application Programming Interface, Documentation in Developer-written Java classes, Documentation in the Java Application programming interface, Flow control, Introduction to Flow control, Sequential Flow, Making Decisions, Controlling the Repetition of Blocks of Code, Deciding which construct to use, Branching statements, Handling exception objects, Extending Classes by means of inheritance.


What does inheritance mean? Overriding and hiding methods in a Subclass, Invoking a parent class constructor from a subclass constructor, Final and abstract classes, What does type compatibility mean? Virtual method invocation, Controlling access to the members of a class, Summary of inheritance, Errors in Java programs, Categories of Error, What are unexpected error conditions, Checked exceptions, try. Catch . finally blocks, Throwing exceptions, Exceptions in the Themed Application, Summary of exceptions, Java interfaces, What is a java interface? Defining and implementing a java interface, The role of interfaces as a means to introduce behavior to a class, Interfaces as types, Summary of java interfaces, Grouping classes together in a java application, An introduction to java packages, Creating packages, Naming convention, Packages in the java language, Using and accessing package members, Compiling and running package members and much more.

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