Jinsi Amraz ka Homeopathic elaj by Doctor Fateh Sher

jinsi-amraz-ka-homeo-elaj Jinsi Amraz ka Homeopathic elaj is an Urdu medical book written by Doctor Fateh Sher. In this book the writer wrote about the Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of sexual diseases for men and women. The writer also wrote about the importance of Homeopathic medicine and treatment. The writer wrote that there are different medicines and machinery invented for the human health in current age, but the attention to the sexual problems is not enough. That is why that a number of persons are destroying their health as they are facing with non-expert or uneducated physicians. In this book the writer mentioned many sexual diseases and recommended homeopathic medicine for those.


The author of the book mentioned medicine for premature ejaculation, Un-satisfaction, Problems of sperm, Problems of organ of men and women, Intercourse and many other sexual problems. In this book the readers will read Ehtelam, Estadgi, Bughulgeri, Inzaal, Jaryan, Maada munawwia, Jalaq, Jima, Namardi, Ozoo makhsoos, Bad Asaraath, Zehni Alamath, Mardana aor zanana jinsi masayel, Ghair ethminan bakhsh mubashirat and much more in this book.

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