Khoobsorat Banne ke Asaan Tareqe

khoobsorat-banne-ke-tareqeKhoobsorat Bann eke Asaan Tareqe is an Urdu collection of beauty tips for females. Such as removing facial hair, How to remove facial pits, Tips for the scar burns with fire and acid, To remove pimple from face, Cleaning dirt in the face, To make your facial colour clean, For the beauty and glow of your face, Tips for the freshness of your skin, Tips for bleaching on your face, Tips how to remove odor from the mouth, Making your white hair black, Tips for making your nails healthy and attractive, Treatment for feet cracked heel etc. In this book the readers will read Chehre se faaltho baal khatam karna, Chehre ke garhe door karne ka tareqa, Aag se jalne, tezaab se jalne wale daagh keleye, Chehre se daane door karne keleye, Chehre ka mail saaf karne keleye, Chehre ka pheela pan door karne keleye, Chehre ka rang saaf ho, Chehre ki khoobsorati aor nikhaar keleye, Jild ki taazgi keleye, Chehre par bleaching keleye, Chikni jild se mahaase door karne ka tareqa,  Bhoore thilon keleye, Aankhon ko thandak pahonchaane ka elaj, Moo se badboo door karne ka tareqa.


Sufaid baalon ko siaah karne keleye, Naakhunon ko tootne se bachane ka tareqa, Naak ke ird gird se siaah nishan mitaane ka tareqa, Naakhonon ki sehat aor dil kasha keleye, Naakhonon ko mazbooth banana ka tareqa, Naakhonon main chamak paida karne ka tareqa, Paaon ki phati ereon ka elaj, Phate paaon ki saheh karne ka tareqa, Rang gora karne ka tareqa, Phoore phansiaan, Sepeyon ka safoof, Mehendi se baalon ki hifazat ka tareqa, Naakhonon ki kharab rangat ka elaj, Khushki ka elaj, Haathon aor chehre ki phati jild, Makeup saaf karne keleye, Honton ki siahe keleye, Kate aor khurdray honton par lip stick lagana, Khushk jild ki hifazat ke tareqe, Keel mahason se nijaat, Hont naram rakhne keleye, Daanton ki behesi ka elaj, Daanton ki pelahat door karna, Jhuryan khatam karne ka tareqa, Saanwali jild keleye, Chehre par surkh daane nikal aayain tho, Haathon ki jalan door karne ka tareqa and much more.

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