Labbaik by Mumtaz Mufti

Labbaik-By-Mumtaz-MuftiLabbaik is an Urdu book about Hajj written by Mumtaz Mufti. The writer told his story of performing first Hajj. The writer described all the acts of Hajj in a nice way, which is easily understandable for a beginner. If a person wants to perform Hajj, He/she can get help by reading this book for performing Hajj. The readers can also get Islamic information from this book.



To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to Download Labbaik


  1. Ammar Group says

    i can’t read this book where from download?

    1. Admin says

      You can download it from the link in the end of Description of this page as “Click here to download”

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