Making the Most of Big Data by Boobal Palanisamy Kandasamy & Dr. Vladlena Benson

making-most-big-dataMaking the Most of Big Data: Manager’s guide to business intelligence success. Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives represent a challenging area within the Information Technology discipline. They require effective management skills and knowledge of systems development methodologies; effective alignment of business strategy and IT capabilities. To mitigate the risks associated with BI developments and ensure achievement of strategic business objectives a number of approaches to BI initiatives have been proposed and proven successful over the years. This text outlines the principles of Business Intelligence projects, basics of architecture and associated development methodologies which gained popularity and are effectively employed by organizations. Managers and decision makers in areas relevant to IT and those new to Big Data initiatives will find this book useful as an essential introduction to proven Business Intelligence practices.


This book concludes with practical recommendations which should be considered before embarking on a business intelligence development. This book will help managers identify critical factors that contribute to the success of business intelligence initiatives. The top five factors are top management support, alignment between business & business intelligence strategy, flexible technical framework, effective information & BI governance and change management. Interviews with business intelligence experts and practitioners help gain understanding of contribution these factors have to the success of business intelligence initiatives. In this book the readers will read Business Intelligence: what is it about? Importance of Business Intelligence initiatives, Evolution of business intelligence, Managerial and technical perspectives on business intelligence, Development process in BI initiatives, Business intelligence architecture, Critical success factors of Business Intelligence initiatives, Expert views, Strategic view and Business intelligence, Recommendations and much  more.

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