Maqbool Astaghfar by Jamea Abdullah Bin Omar

Maqbool-AstaghfarMaqbool Astaghfar is a collection of seventy (70) Astaghfar in Urdu language compiled by Jamea Abdullah Bin Omar. “Ask forgiveness from your Lord, verily, He is Oft-Forgiving.” (Al-Quran, Surah Nooh). In this book the reader will find that how to penitent and how to request to Allah to forgive you.


This is a beneficial book for everyone to read it and to predispose him/herself to Allah. Allah is very kind on his worshipper; He will forgive him/her and will eradicate the sins. Astaghfar is the solution of many problems and diseases.

To download this book, please click the link below:
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