Object Oriented Programming using Java by Simon Kendal

object-oriented-javaJava programming language is used to highlight and demonstrate the application of fundamental object oriented principles and modelling techniques this book is not an introduction to Java programming. The reader will be expected to have an understanding of basic programming concepts and their implementation in Java including the use of loops, selection statements, performing calculations, arrays, data types and a basic understanding of file handling. In this book the readers will read Java Development tools, Software implementation, The JRE, Java programs, The JDK, Eclipse, Eclipse architecture, Eclipse features,  NetBeans, Developing graphical interfaces using netbeans, Applying layout managers using netbeans, Adding action listeners, The Java doc tool, Creating and using exceptions.


Understanding the importance of exceptions, Kinds of exception, Extending the exception class, Throwing exceptions, Catching exceptions, Agile programming, Agile approaches, Refactoring, Support and examples of refactoring, Unit testing, Automated unit testing, Regression testing, JUnit, Examples of assertions, Several test examples,  Running tests, Test driven development (TDD), TDD cycles, Claims for TDD, Preliminary Analysis, Further analysis, Documenting the design using UML, Prototyping the interface, Revising the design to accommodate changing requirements, Packaging the classes, Programming the message classes, Programming the client classes, Creating and handling unknown client exception, Programming the main classes, Programming the interface, Using test driven development and extending the system, Generating Java doc, Running the system and potential compiler warnings, The finished system and much more.

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