PaulOS: An 8051 Real-Time Operating System by Paul P. Debono

paul-osThis text book is intended to be used either as a stand-alone text for an 8051-based course on micro controllers or as a reference book for those whose work requires familiarity with micro controllers and real-time operating systems. The strong emphasis of this book is on interfacing and programming the 8051 to typical real-world devices such as switches, displays, motors, and A/D converters through both assembly language and C language programming. In particular, a variety of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are well explained and working programs are actually implemented (and well documented). Many programming examples, in both assembly language and C, are also included in order to help the students (and anyone interested in the topic) better understand the RTOS principle. It would be helpful if the reader has already got some familiarity with personal computers and has taken introductory courses in digital devices and some experience with assembly language programming. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with binary and hexadecimal numbers. In this book the readers will read 8051 Basics, Introduction, Memory types, Code memory, External RAM, Register Banks, Bit memory, Special function register (SFR) memory, SFR descriptions, Basic registers, The accumulator, Address EOH, Bit-addressable, The R registers, The B Register, address FOH, Bit-addressable, The data pointer (DPTR),


The program counter (PC), The stack pointer (SP), address 81H, Addressing modes, Program flow, Low-level information, Timers, Serial port operation, Interrupts, A51 Examples, Template.a51, Serial port example program, Traffic lights A51 program, 8032 Differences, 8032 Extras, 256 Bytes of internal RAM, Additional Timer 2, Evaluation boards, FLITE-32 development board, Typical settings for KEIL uV2, The NMIY – 0031 board, C8051 F020TB, Programming in C with KEIL uV2 IDE, Byte ordering – Big ENDIAN and Little ENDIAN, Explicitly Declared memory types, Data types, Interrupt routines, Real-Time operating system, What is a Real-Time operating system, Types of RTOSs, SanctOS – a Round-Robin RTOS, SanctOS system commands, Variations from the A51 version, SanctOS example program, PaulOS – a Co-operative RTOS, Description of the RTOS operation, PaulOS.C system commands, Descriptions of the commands, PaulOS parameters header file, Example using PaulOS RTOS, MagnOS – a Pre-Emptive RTOS, MagnOS System commands, Detailed description of commands, Interfacing, Interfacing add-ons to the 805I, LEDs, Input switches, Keypad, LCD display, LCD command set, DC Motor, DC motor using H-Bridge, Model Servo Control, Stepper Motor, Programming tips and pitfalls, RAM size, SP setting, SFRs, Port usage, DPTR, Serial port (UART), Interrupts, RTOSs pitfalls, C Tips and much more.

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Click here to download PaulOS: An 8051 Real-Time Operating System Part1
Click here to download PaulOS: An 8051 Real-Time Operating System Part2

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