Peer-e-Kamil Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam by Umera Ahmad

Peer-e-KamilComment of the author: Peer-e-Kamil, The Perfect Mentor, has been written for you. For that moment in your life when you need to decide between light and darkness. You may tread the path that leads to light or, if you wish, take the path that ends in darkness. Even in the light one must watch one‘s step to avoid stumbling; once in the dark, it makes no difference whether one can or cannot see where one is going, for the gloom darkens with every step till darkness becomes one‘s destiny. But sometimes in the dark, before the first misstep, one regrets the path taken and may want to turn back to that fork in the road of life where the journey began. Then the only solace is that voice that guides and one has no choice but to listen and follow.


Peer-e-Kamil is that voice that can guide one and can lead one from the dark towards the light, if one so wishes to take that path, And indeed guidance is given to them who desire it. Let us once again listen to that Perfect Mentor.

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