PowerPoint 2003 by Stephen Moffat

powerpoint-2003PowerPoint 2003 is a powerful graphics application that allows you to create presentations for printing or on-line viewing using a variety of different tools. These range from wizards to help you with the content and look and feel of your presentation to animation tools to create moving images. This book which has two parts should be used as a point of reference following attendance of the PowerPoint 2003 training course. It covers all the topics taught and aims to act as a support aid for any tasks carried out by the user after the course. In this book the readers will read What is PowerPoint? Launching PowerPoint, The PowerPoint screen, Using help, Creating a presentation, Adding new slides, Changing the slide layout, Comments, Adding free form text, Saving a presentation, Formatting a presentation, Selecting placeholders and text, Formatting text, Formatting backgrounds, Formatting backgrounds, Formatting numbered and bulleted lists, Master slides, The formal painter, Changing case, Smart tags, PowerPoint views, Different ways to view slides, Working with outline view, Using outline view to enter text, The outlining toolbar, Importing text stored in other formats, Creating a summary slide, Working with slide sorter view, Moving and copying between presentations, Drawing skills, Drawing,


Selecting objects, Formatting objects using the menu, Formatting objects using the toolbar, Resizing objects, Moving objects, Copying objects, Working with guides, Working the visible grid, Aligning and distributing objects, Rotating/ Flipping objects, Ordering (Stacking) objects, Grouping objects, Inserting text within an object, Working with clip art, Inserting clip art, Resizing and moving objects, Moving clip art, Re-coloring clip art, Ungrouping clip art, Cropping clip art, Using image settings, Tables, Working with tables, Inserting a table, Adding new columns and rows, Resizing the entire table, Formatting tables, Formatting table text, Inserting a Chart, Editing a chart, Changing chart type, Organization charts, Formatting the organization chart, Changing organization chart layout, Slide masters and templates, Applying design templates, The title master, Slide color scheme, Slide background, Headers and footers, Transition and animation effects, Slide transitions, Animating text, Preset animation schemes, Animating objects, Organizing and delivering presentations, Running a slide show, Slide timings, Custom shows, Branching and much more.

To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to download PowerPoint 2003 Part1
Click here to download PowerPoint 2003 Part2

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