Rafiq ul Haramayn English by Muhammad Ilyas Attar

Rafiq-ul-HaramaynRafiq ul Haramayn is a book about the detailed method of Hajj and Umrah written by Muhammad Ilyas Attar. This is English translated version. The writer wrote the complete details for readers in this book that how to perform Hajj and Umrah. In this book the readers will read Travellers of Madinah and help from Mustafa, Useful Madani pearls for Hujjaj, List of items for pilgrims, Madani pearls for luggage, Madani pearls about health certificate, When should pilgrims travelling by air put on Ihram, Fragrant tissue paper in an aircraft, Jeddah to Makkah, Ihram of those flying to Madinah, Transport organized by Mu’allim, Twenty eight (28) Madani pearls regarding travelling, A parable, Du’a for the protection of aeroplane from falling and burning, 6 Madani pearls of offering Salah during journey, 3 Sayings of the Holy Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam.

70 Million virtues on every step, The angels embrace those going for Hajj on foot, Commandment of Holy Quran during Hajj, Treasure of devotion is essential for Haji, Adopt affiliation with true devotee, Mysterious Haji, Haji who slaughtered himself, How is it to call oneself Haji,  An anecdote, How is it to display a ‘Hajj congratulations board’, Hajj-pilgrimage on foot, Even unable to perform tawaf,  Attack of ‘ostentation’ and ‘desire for respect’ on Haji, Two examples of ostentation of Hujjaj, Names of 4 corners of Ka’bah, There are 5 Miqat, 29 Places where one’s Du’a is accepted, Types of Hajj, 1. Qiran, 2. Tamattu’, 3. Ifrad, Method of putting on Ihram, Ihram of Islamic sisters, Nafl Salah of Ihram, Intention for ‘Umrah, Intention for Hajj, Intention for Hajj Qiran, Labbayk, Recite Labbayk considering its meaning, One Sunnah after reciting Labbayk, 9 Madani pearls of Labbayk and much more in this book.


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