Semantic Web And Ontology by Dhana Nandini

semantic-web-ontologyThe course is aimed at introducing the concepts of Semantic Web. The book covers the basic technologies involved in building the Semantic Web. Students with little prior knowledge on building a web application in web 2.0 (the current web) will easily learn this new technology of Semantic Web. The biggest challenge that all the engineering students may face during their course, is the completion of their final year project. Engineering students who are planning to implement projects in ‘Semantic Web’ will benefit a lot from this book as it incorporates a practical implementation of Web 3.0. In this book the readers will read The revolution of Web, Basic terms, How it all happened, Working of a web server, Evolution web, Need for semantic web, Simple activity, Web 2.0 approach, Semantic Web’s approach, Benefits of semantic web, Introduction to semantic web, Defining semantic web, Characteristics of semantic web,


Semantic web Vs Artificial intelligence (AI), SDLC – An overview, Building-blocks of semantic web, Introduction to Ontology, Switching from database to ontology, Difference between ontology and taxonomy, Types of ontology, Why to develop ontology? Ontology development life-cycle, Ontology usage, Advantages of ontology, Limitations of ontology, RDF and SPARQL, Introduction to RDF, RDF graph, Constructing RDF, Introduction to SPARQL, SQL, Constructing a SPARQL query, Introduction to Protégé, Files in Protégé, Instances, Introduction to Swoogle, History of Swoogle, Implementation of Swoogle, Case-study related to Semantic Web, An introduction to E-Commerce, Challenges to E-Commerce, Current scenario, Case-study – Implementing a virtual travel agency in Semantic Web, Architecture of the proposed system and much more.

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