Structured Programming with C++ by Kjell Backman

structured-program-cThis book is intended as course material for the course Structured Programming with C/C++ at university level. It contains eight chapters, one for each lecture of the course. The purpose of the course Structured Programming with C/C++ is primarily to teach how to ”think programming” and secondarily to teach C++ code. Therefore, the author of the book says, I will emphasize how to focus on the problem solution and prepare the coding. JSP (Jackson Structured Programming) is a common tool within programming and is used to structure a problem. You will learn how to use JSP to build your solution. Flow chart is an alternate tool to JSP, which we also will make some notice to. Primarily, this is a beginner’s course in C, but we will utilize some C++ tools for e.g. input and output. Learning to program is not made in short time. It requires long-term and patient work with reading, coding, testing and debugging. There is no shortcut, but if you work with endurance, you will have many times of inspiration and nice experiences. In this book the readers will read Introduction to programming, What does it mean to program, Coding, Compiling and linking, The first steps with visual C++, Variables, Why variables, Declaring variables, Assignment, Initiating variables, Constants, More about assignment of values, The main function, Input and output, An entry program, Formatted output, Invoice program, Time conversion program, Type conversion, The random number generator, Game program, Exercises, Selections and loops, if statement, Price calculation program, Comparison operators, Even or Odd, else if, and (&&), or (ll), Conditional input, The switch statement, Menu program, Loops, The while loop, The for loop, Addition program, Double loop, Roll Dice, Two dice roll, Breaking entry with Ctrl-Z, Pools,


Equation, Interrupting a Loop – break, Exercises, Arrays, Why Arrays, Declaring an Array, Initiating an Array, Copying an Array, Comparing Arrays, Average, Sales Statistics, Product file, search, Two-Dimensional Array, Sorting, Searching a Sorted Array, Introduction to strings, Data Type char, Menu Program, Menu Program with Loop, Christmas Tree, int – char, String Array, char[], Length of a string, Upper/Lower Case, Initials, Comparing Two Strings, Copying Strings, Array with String Arrays, Sorting strings, Substring, Concatenating strings, Interchanging first name and surname, Encryption, Random Password, Translation Table, Functions, Average, Calling a function, Several return statements, Least of three numbers, Least item of an Array, Array As Parameter, Function and Sub function, Function without return value, Replacing characters in a string, Declaration space, The word program, Override functions, Declaration – Definition, Header Files, Reference Parameters, Parameters with Defaut Values, Recursive Functions, Files, Strams, Reading from a stream, Writing to a stream, Attaching a File to a stream, A complete write program, A complete reading program, New item at the End of the File, Products and Prices, Search for a Product Price, Sorting a File in Memory, Updating File content, Copying Files, Pointers, What is a pointer? Declaring a pointer, Assigning values to pointers, Addresses and char pointers, cout and char pointers, Price program with pointers, Pointer Arithmetic, Tax program, Functions and pointers, Dynamic memory, Introduction to Structures, What is a structure? Defining a structure, Declaring and initiating structure variables, Assigning values to structure members, A structure program, Array with structure variables, Pointer to structure, Structures in the dynamic memory, Structure as function parameter and much more.

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