Surah Fateha o Surah Ikhlas ke Karishmaat by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Surah-Fateha-IkhlasSurah Fateha o Surah Ikhlas ke Karishmaat is an Urdu book written by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai. In this book the author wrote about the miracles of the Suras of Holy Quran, Surah Fateha and Surah Ikhlas. The author wrote for those who recite these two Suras with complete faith and believe these are the solution for every problem and disease. The author also wrote a specific Amal (wazeefa) of Surah Fateha, Surah Ikhlas and Durood Shareef. One who recite Surah Fateha one time with Tasmiah (Bismillah Shareef), Surah Ikhlas three times with Tasmiah (Bismillah Shareef) and three times Durood Shareef before and after of these, he/she will get solution for any problem of the world or any type of disease or any difficult work. In this book the readers will read the experiences of those people who did this Amal and those who got benefits of Surah Fateha and Surah Ikhlas.


In this book Amal ki barkat se ghaibi rizq ki amad, Assistant commissioner ne transfer muatthal kar dia, Surah Fateha aot Ikhlas se ghaibi mada, Gumshuda mobile mil gaya, baghair dawai ke Allah Pak ne shifa de di, 15 saala narazgi khatam hogayi, Train baghair stop station par ruk gayi, Allah Pak ne foran shifa de di, Baghair takleef ke gurde se pathrian nikal gayain, Har qisam ki bemari par surah Fateha ka dam karne se shifa, Surah Fateha se dard ka elaj, Kamar dar ghayeb, Aolad nareena ka husool, Janwar marna band ho gaye, dil ki medicine lene se nijat, Allah ne gunah se bacha lia, Gharelo jagre larayi khatam and much more.

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