Technology-Based Entrepreneurship by Dr. Brychan Thomas

tech-based-entrpreneurshipIn the entrepreneurship academic literature technology-based entrepreneurship (TBE) is referred to in a number of ways including technology entrepreneurship and technical entrepreneurship (MacKenzie, and Jones-Evans, 2012). According to Bailetti (2012) technology entrepreneurship is centered around the growth of firms, and regional economic development and involves the selection of stakeholders to take ideas to market and to educate managers, engineers and scientists. Moreover, Bailetti (2012) outlines technology entrepreneurship as “an investment in a project that assembles and deploys specialized individuals and heterogeneous assets to create value for the firm” (Bailetti, 2012, p. 2) and reports that the first symposium where researchers assembled to report findings on the topic was at Purdue University in October 1970 (p. 3). In a literature search 93 journal articles published in 62 journals on technology entrepreneurship were identified between 1970–2011 with eight themes which were technology entrepreneurs, technology opportunities, university and business incubators, spinoffs and technology transfer mechanisms, government programs, funding new technology-based firms entrepreneurship education and commercialization capability (Bailetti, 2012, p. 5). Although most of the technology entrepreneurship articles were published in non-innovation or entrepreneurship journals,


of the 62 journals publishing the 93 articles there were only eighteen found to be journals that contributed to entrepreneurship or technology innovation management according to Franke and Schreier (2008) and seven journals met the criteria for “good” journals in the area which were ET&P, IEEE, IJTM, JBV, JPIM, R&DM and RP (p. 8). In this book the readers will read Overview, Definitions and Background, Technology-based entrepreneurship education, Technology – based entrepreneurship and regional development, Organization of the book, Technology transfer policy, Veiws of policy makers, Technology transfer processes, Conclusions: policy implications, Diffusion of innovations intro technology – based firms, Technology diffusion, Technology transfer networks, A model of technology diffusion, Best practice, Implications for policy, Technology clusters, Clusters and knowledge flows, Mobility within clusters, University technology small firms, Introduction, Factors influencing university technology small firms, Conceptualizing university technology small firms, University business collaboration, Organizational aspects of university/business collaboration, Motivations for university/business relationships, Formation process, University/business inter-organizational relationships, University business partnerships and models of technology transfer offices, The management of university business partnerships, Models of technology transfer offices, Networking activities, Growth of a technology concept: A case study, Methodology, Findings and much more.

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