Ubqari Monthly Magazine August 2015 English By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Ubqari-Aug-2015-EngUbqari has collection of astonishing revelations, peculiar tips, amazing amal, autobiographies of people escaped from miseries, tried herbal experiments and observations; so many that it is beyond your expectations. In this edition you will read High Ranks for Those Adopting Good Manners, Whispers of the Heart (By the Editor’s Pen-My Observations and Thoughts) My Three Requests, Why We Came To This World, Those who benefitted from the sermon, Crossing the river without the boat, Drink 3 Sip And Live Freely, Massage is the easiest treatment for many problems of Kids, An easy way to protect oneself from all sorts of problems, pain, theft or murder, Islam And Etiquettes, Marks and spots on the face and for the hair, Easy tips for relief from mental and physical exhaustion, A little care! Spend a comfortable monsoon season, The easy amal (practice) of Ziquad! What you want you get it (InshaAllah), Monthly Spiritual Gathering, Authentic spiritual wazaif of Hazrat Shah Turat Faqeer, Eat pears or frooto and get coolness in humid weather, Healing With Meditation, Beneficiaries of Meditation, Physical and Spiritual Queries of Readers’ Answers by Readers Only, Relief and treatment of physical diseases, Rights of disable people in Islam, Black magic and dangerous poison helpless in front of Dua, Don’t Make The Following Mistakes If You Want To Have Prosperous Marital Life, Problem of Hair-fall will not be again, You Also Can Have Bright, Shining And Lovely Eyes, Easy Tips To Make Friendship Between Mother-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law, Come! Let’s value our wife, Remaining safe from psyche, satan and swindlers, From sot to saint, Your Questions and Hazrat Alama Lahooti’s Answers, From the pages of my grand father’s crumbling diary, Eat To Live Or Live To Eat.


Psychological And Domestic Problems And Definitely Tested Treatments, Durood! Wazifa to get rid of sickness, quarrels and jinns, An encyclopedia for domestic problems, My grandma’s neighbors became billionaires by jinns, There the bitch screamed and my leg got cut, I found the blessing from wazaifs: You may also read, Manaqib Ahl e Bait Athar, Your dreams and bright Denotation, Disastrous outcome of not upbringing of children in Islamic way, Read Ubqari and Make your mouth sweet, Ladies ask, Benefits of lemon and onion in rainy season, Hlqa Kashf-ul-Mahjoob, Reader’s special and tested writings, Brilliant and effective practices to cure diabetes, Nature’s best reward is neem, Advantages unlimited, The unique respect of martyred man of Pak army, The remembrance of Allah is unbelievable, Born friend of Jinnat, Year old marriage issues and black magic, Make Your Own Fate, Skip and jump to get excellent health, Alas! This Fragile Journey of Life, Mountains of Piety in Harmain, Call the Nature and Then See, Readers Present Amazing and Proven Tips, Redressal Difficulties through Wazaif by Allama Sahib, Wazifa for finding lost item, person and wealth and much more in this edition.

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