Ubqari Monthly Magazine January 2012 By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Jan-2012Ubqari has collection of astonishing revelations, peculiar tips, amazing amal, autobiographies of people escaped from miseries, tried herbal experiments and observations; so many that it is beyond your expectations. In this edition you will read Cancer Hepatitis aor mozi amraaz ka rohani nuskha, Thand allergy nazla khaansi sar dard se yaqeeni nijaat, Khushgawar azdawaji zindagi aap ke bas main, Quran se maal jaan ki hifazat ka waqeaa, Mong phalli ke chilkon se jhaeyan khatam, Dil ki har beemari ka elaj Durood Shareef, Ghamon ko khushion main badalne wala amal, Phool aor unke shifabakhsh asarath, Faqeer ki dua se sab kam ban gaye, Depression insaani khushion ka qaatil, Channa insaani badan keleye mukammal ghiza  and much more.



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