Ubqari Monthly Magazine November 2015 English By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Ubqari-Nov-2015-EngUbqari has collection of astonishing revelations, peculiar tips, amazing amal, autobiographies of people escaped from miseries, tried herbal experiments and observations; so many that it is beyond your expectations. In this edition you will read My observations and contemplations, Whispes of the heart (By editor’s pen), An extract from the weekly sermon – Teaching of Spiritualism and Peace, Flow of water from fingers, Feeding milk to the first baby is a test but not now, True and unbelievable stories about the protection of Quran, Prophet’s Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam Sunnah to counter the current wave of depression, Golden rule to increase strength in the month of November, Practice which protects from troubles in the month of Saffaral Muzaffar, Spiritual Wazaif of Shah Kamal Kamtheli, Sangharrha – A gift of God for the men and women suffering from secret diseases, Physical and spiritual questions of readers and the answers by readers only, Effective treatment of physical diseases, How many life was changed.


Recited Allahu Samad and blowed and the impossible become possible, Opportunities of progress, Virtues and manners of traders in Islam, Find a pious and righteous daughter in law, not a beautiful one, Busy schedule of Hazrat Hakeem Sahab during the Eid days, Your Queries – Allama Lahuti’s reply, Benefits of pouring salted water in nose, Psychological domestic tensions and tested guaranteed remedies, Kids – Adopt usage of miswaak and get rid of all dental problems, Female Jinn friend and her pleasant memories, Unseen power left me nothing, Think good for best and matchless youth, Your dream and its optimistic interpretation, What I got, it is due to serving my mother and caressing her feet, For every miserable and prosperous person, I found ubqari, I found solution to every problem, Ubqari freed us from fake mesmerists, Women ask, Take three things from the kitchen and get rid of countless diseases, Special and tested writings of readers, Eat sugar beet to remove weakness, Witnessed Sawar Muhammad Hussain’s (martyred) status with my own eyes, Born friend of Jinnat, Tehdeedi namah helped getting rid of wicked Aamils, Aspirants who wish to get rid of obesity should read it now, Preacher of Islam, Hazrat Molana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui Madzillah (Phallat), Incurable son got perfectly well after Amal of Moti Masjid, Readers present amazing and proven tips, Get example-less beauty and wonderful health, Wazeefa for finding lost one, lost things and resources and much more in this edition.

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