Ubqari Monthly Magazine September 2013 English By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Ubqari-Sep-2013-EngUbqari has collection of astonishing revelations, peculiar tips, amazing amal, autobiographies of people escaped from miseries, tried herbal experiments and observations; so many that it is beyond your expectations. In this edition you will read Act of getting Paradise wajib on oneself, My heart’s account, How I came across “The Priceless Treasure”, People who benefitted from dars, Companion of the Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam and golden rules of spending life, How did I get the Visa of Dubai – You can also get it, Bright principles for grooming of children, Prescription for opening the blocked arteries of the heart, Astonishing incidents of the wise sage, The circle of Kashaf ul Mahjoob, Wonderful secrets of rose extract, Precious tips for travellers towards the snowy areas, Ziqa’d the month of convince Allah for acceptance of Prayers, Monthly spiritual gathering, Tested practices of Khwaja Habib Ajmal (may Allah bless him), Treatment of worldly diseases with a heavenly fruit (Farhat Afza), Treatment with meditation, Beneficiary of meditation, Effective treatment of physical ailment and medical suggestions, Patients selected Diiet Chart, Readers distinctive and tested stories, Secrets of making good relations with in laws, Read the astounding advantages of yogurt now.


Brave old woman and clever thief, Make your home a paradise by bringing flexibility in your attitude, Soft silky clear and shiny skin with turmeric, Court of realization, Spiritual remedy of spiritual diseases, Secret of health in four days, Shiny hair excellent skin cheap tip, Ubqari answers letters from distressed households, To be successful in exams, Encyclopaedia of family matters, Mischievous squirrel and coping with sneezing, Pleasant meetings with the Fairy that came from Koh-e-Qaaf, 4 priceless pearl and priceless Hadith, The story of the rich woman who used to beg on the Shrine, Questions of readers and and answers of readers, Manasik Sahaba (R.A) and Ahle Bait (PBUH), Your dream and bright interpretation, Charity saved from arrest, Miracles of Ya Salamo, Those who criticise Allama Lahoti and Spirituality – Must read this, Islam and Courtesy, Natal friend of Jinns, Excitement of celebration among the walls, Whomen inquire, Strange excellence of Durood Sharif in life, How to get comfortable and peaceful sleep and much more in this edition.

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