Ubqari Monthly Magazine September 2015 English By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Ubqari-Sep-2015-EngUbqari has collection of astonishing revelations, peculiar tips, amazing amal, autobiographies of people escaped from miseries, tried herbal experiments and observations; so many that it is beyond your expectations. In this edition you will read A Prophetic tip to save yourself from troubles of the Judgement Day, Whispers of the heart(by the editor’s pen – my observations and contemplations) The jealousy among the sisters, Those whose forheads are marked as Ghani (not in need of anyone) by the Allah, Those who benefitted from the weekly Sermon, Illuminating of light for Companions of Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam in dark, How to up bring children, Got ride of all worries through Surah Wad – Duha and Surah Quraish, Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam behavior to Non Muslims, Suspiciousness Boredom Complexities and their solution, Change yourself in the changing season, Zil Hajjah – Get ten big rewards in Ten  days, Shah Fazlullah Karim’s spiritual wazaif, Apples – The cure to physical and spiritual diseases, Medical and spiritual questions of readers, only readers answer, Health consult – cure for physical problem, I was a prostitute, Those people who are fed-up from the behavior of their husband must read, Internet and its worldwide effects- proposals to be protected from its harms, Do eat the meat of offertory Slaughter (Qurbani) but also consider some points.


Learn ways to tidiness from experienced elderly women, Tried and tested – get your desire fulfilled even before you finish the recitation, Chunk of misri (sucrose sugar) and Diamond, Your queries – Allama Lahoti’s reply, Diabetes cured with bran – astonishing but effective remedy, My findings of deep research on the benefits of turmeric and Zedoary (Kachoor), Psychological and domestic problems and definitely tested treatments, A special procedure for frequent meetings with the Holy Prophet Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam in Dream, Dear kids – let’s read how Billu went to school, Two Priceless Treasures had freed Jinnat, Falsely Swore upon Quran and generations were ruined, Write a Prayer on a piece of paper and flow it in water, then every legitimate need shall be fulfillled, Your deams and their bright denotement, Life became easy upon commencement of Burqa (Veil) as per Shariah, Ladies enquire, Khichdi – A unique and incomparable treasure of iron, Significant and experienced writings, Experience Aegle marmelos(Herb) for getting good health, Body turned into pieces was fine at the time of Burial, Born friend of Jinnat, Twenty years old room was opened and the disaster started, Why delay in Nikah, Easy procedures/recipes to get fitness and health, Story of one rich man of Haram, Wazifa to the open doors for Mercy Blessings and Comfort, Readers brought unique and tested tips, Colours and your personality, To recove lost thing, person and wealth and much more in this edition.

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